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Platform for Biomarkers


Our Quanterix SIMOA HD-X analyzer is a fully automated instrument for running immunoassays using single molecule array technology (SIMOA), a digital form of ELISA, trapping and sealing individual immunocomplexes on paramagnetic beads in thousands of femtoliter sized wells in arrays found on the SIMOA discs. By leveraging the digital detection format, this technology enables to precisely measure protein biomarkers with substantially higher sensitivity allowing the application of precision science to precision health.

Main technical specifications

  • Throughput of 3 plates every 8 hour shift. About 300 data points per day.
  • Workflow, batch (plates or tubes)
  • Total assay time is less than 2.5 hours per 96-well plate
  • Hands-on time, startup time <20 minutes
  • Sample input, 96-well plate and tubes
  • Sample volume, 1 µl * – 100 µl
  • Multiplex capability, up to 4-plex
  • Assay flexibility, 1, 2 or 3-step assays, with variable incubation time and number of wash steps


  • Ultra-sensitivity – Up to 1000x greater sensitivity than traditional immunoassays
  • Automation – Reproducibility and convenience of sample->answer workflow
  • Multiplexing – Measure up to 4 biomarkers in single sample at fg/ml concentrations
  • Flexibility – Supports both highthroughput and rapid result workflows
  • Efficiency – Precise control of assay conditions allows for use of stored assay calibration values
  • Menu – Fully compatible with 80+ assays as well as customized homebrew assays

This asset is part of the Basque Digital Innovation Hub, the network of advanced assets and services Infrastructure for training, research, testing and validation available for companies.

Companies can apply for financial support to use this platform.