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Open Science

We are committed with Open Science because we want to foster access to research results in both the short and long term, give greater visibility and impact to our work, increase the speed of innovation (bringing ideas to market and solutions to social challenges), make science even more collaborative, contribute to economic and social development, and to ensure that investigations are transparent and reproducible.

We use the Repository managed by the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU): https://addi.ehu.es

And also have a Community at Zenodo

Our Research Organization Registry (ROR) code is 00myw9y39

Science must be open, transparent, collaborative, accessible and made with and for society.

Open Science is a promoted (among others) by OECD and the European Commission, which advocates free access by citizens to the results of scientific research, data, resources, results, thoughts, as well as to that the results and discoveries of scientific research are universally accessible and without restrictions. In April 2023, the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation launched the first national strategy for the period 2023-2027.

Open Science implies Open Access, and also openness of research data and Linked Open Data, of processes, methodologies, software, scientific workflows, academic social networks and open peer review.

Open Science has to do with:

  • Citizen science is the possibility for anyone to integrate into scientific processes, providing experimental data, raising new questions and creating, together with researchers, a new scientific culture, for citizens to participate in research activity, collaborative science producing benefits for Science, Society and Participants.
  • Open-notebook science is the practice of making the complete primary record of a research project publicly available, online, and as recorded. It consists of placing the personal, laboratory or researcher’s notebook online along with all raw and processed data, as well as any associated material.
  • Open educational resources.