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Support for personal and professional development

ACHUCARRO is committed with co-responsible reconciliation of personal, family and professional life.

This section strives to provide updated information about the resources that are available in our environment, to develop this idea.

Institutional commitment and Internal policies

Our organisation model and internal policies and dynamics (meeting schedules, seminars,…) are designed, and set to continuously being re-assessed and improved to adapt to the personal agendas and reconciliation realities of the personnel.


ACHUCARRO has a mentoring programme based in group dynamics, where senior staff (Senior researchers and managers) and junior fellows (PhD and early postdoctoral fellows) with no direct supervision relationship meet regularly to chat, debate and discuss about the personal challenges to develop a successful and balanced personal and professional lifestyle.

Psychosocial Intervention

We have an active role in the identification of potential risks and their management, according to the regulations for workers protection.

In particular, we follow the Protocol to manage in situations of mobbing and sexual harassment of UPV/EHU and Ikerbasque, the founding trustees of our organisation.


We foster co-responsibility on parenthood, and the idea of providing a favourable work environment to make the most of this period of the life.

Bizkaia Talent

Our partner organisation fostered by the regional government of Biscay, Bizkaia Talent offers a variety of services to support people and their families coming from abroad and establishing here.