Transparency and Sustainability

Achucarro Basque Center for Neuroscience (ACHUCARRO), according to our internal policies, the laws and recommendations for the Non-for-profit organisations and the will of our Board of Trustees, wants to provide open and accessible information and data on our activities and operations.

We are currently working to improve the quantity and quality of data provided here, so the Society could increase its awareness on the objectives and actions we develop, and thus we can contribute also to the sustainability of our project.


ACHUCARRO is a foundation under the Basque and Spanish laws.

Find the record of ACHUCARRO at the Basque Registry for Foundations, managed by the Basque Government:


Under the Basque and Spanish laws, foundations are governed by a Board of Trustees (Patronato). This foundation is an joint and strategic initiative of our founding partners.

Board of Trustees

Sustainable Development Goals

Read our statement on Sustainable Development Goals 2030.


ACHUCARRO is an organization committed with Equality.

Among others, we are aware that inequalities happen and can happen in many different aspects and environments, so we also have an open policy on recruitment and assessment of scientific talent.



ACHUCARRO endorses the national and regional laws concerning public procurement and has complementarily set a public Procurement Policy to ensure accountable procurement processes. You can also visit our Contractor Profile in you wish further information about present and past contracts.