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Code of Good Scientific Practice

The research process fundamentally relies on the integrity and trust between researchers, research stake holders, and society in general. This trust is founded in ethical conventions, called Rules of Good Scientific Practice that researchers respect. Most of the rules are common-sense and intuitive, whereas others may not be straightforward, and may vary between research institutions and laboratories.

Although the rules of good scientific practice are usually not legally binding, they are of outmost importance, and breaching them is commonly associated with direct and measurable consequences. To uphold and encourage good work practices, research facilities increasingly formulate and openly state the rules and principles under which they operate.

Achucarro Basque Centre for Neuroscience strives to carry out scientific activities to the highest international standards. Our aim is to create and maintain a working atmosphere conducive to high-quality research and collaboration between scientists in a trustworthy, all-inclusive and non-discriminatory manner.

The Steering Board of our centre approved this Code of Good Scientific Practice, as a guidelines for deploying our professional activity according to international rules and recommendations, to help keeping the trust on Society in our work.