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Pint of Science Bilbao 2024, we bring science to bars!

06 May 2024

Pint of Science Bilbao 2024 festival (May 13-15)

ACHUCARRO collaborates once again with the Bilbao edition of the Pint of Science science outreach festival.

The objective of Pint of Science is to bring the scientific and technological research developed in our environment closer to society, and to do so, we approach bars as undisputed centers of socialization.

In this edition we have, as always, people from different scientific centers and fields, which we group into 4 programs (ATOMS, BODY, PLANET, TECH) who will discuss current topics.

Each participating bar hosts a specific theme or programme.

  • Geuria! San Mamés. (Estadio San Mamés. Puerta 14). Beautiful mind and our BODY.
  • Hika Ateneo. Eskola Zumarkalea, 1 (Muelle Ibeni – San Antón). From ATOMS to stars.
  • Kubrick Bar. (Villarías, 2. Muelle Uribitarte) TECH me out!
  • Davinci Bilbao. (Arbolantxa, 2. Iglesia de San Vicente) PLANET Earth.

Nora Bengoa-Vergniory will particiate on Monday the 13th at the Geuria! bar,  at San Mamés Stadium (Gate 14), starting at 7 p.m., and will talk about “Cultivating Neurons.”

Marta Pereira and Rodrigo Senovilla are members of the organisation team.

Check the whole programme here: https://pintofscience.es/events/bilbao