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Oct 22

Theranostic potential of adenosine A1 receptors after stroke

Novel insights on the role of purinergic receptors on neuroinflammation after brain ischemia

The Ikerbasque Research Fellow at ACHUCARRO, Dr. Abraham Martín Muñoz is last author of an article recenty accepted in Theranostics, entitled "In vivo multimodal imaging of adenosine A1 receptors in neuroinflammation after experimental stroke". This research work shows the novel diagnostic and therapeutic properties of A1 receptors as well as its role on neuroinflammation following preclinical stroke

Sep 10

The Claustrum is Involved in Cognitive Processes Related to the Classical Conditioning of Eyelid Responses in Behaving Rabbits

A collaboration work of the Brain Circuits Therapeutics Lab

The laboratory of Ikerbasque Professor Dr. Mazahir T. Hasan at ACHUCARRO and the lab of Dr. José M. Delgado García at the Pablo de Olavide University in Seville have demonstrated for the first time the functional activity of this brain center during learning and memory tests in behaving laboratory animals.


Oct 14

Current Techniques for Investigating the Brain Extracellular Space

Review article fruit of the internal collaboration within Achucarro and the UPV/EHU

The brain extracellular space (ECS) has recently been dubbed the final frontier of neuroscience, alluding to its many intriguing yet unknown physiological properties and roles. It is on one hand vast in extent, while on the other it is characterized by substructures that are smaller than even the finest cellular morphologies.

Sep 28

Biochemical Scissor against Parkinson's Disease

New collaborative work demonstrating that the molecular tweezer CLR01 can reduce the neuronal death occurring in PD.

A group of researchers of the Laboratory of Neurobiology at ACHUCARRO, in collaboration with the colleagues from University of Oxford and other European and American institutions, discovered that the molecular tweezer CLR01 can reduce the neuronal death occurring in Parkinson's Disease (PD).

Sep 3

A new animal model to study post-traumatic stress disorder

Result of the ERA-NET project led by Mazahir T. Hasan

Within the framework of the European "ERA-NET NEURON" call, a cooperative research project called "topdownPTSD" was started in 2018, which aims to investigate how brain circuits modulate emotional circuits. The working hypothesis is that a traumatic experience can trigger a dysfunction in the memory circuits, and that this can lead to dysfunctions in the emission circuits, which will manifest themselves in the form of post-traumatic stress. In order to carry out laboratory research on this phenomenon, it is essential to have experimental tools such as those created. The project is coordinated by the Ikerbasque researcher Mazahir T. Hasan, who works at the ACHUCARRO center in Leioa, and has an endowment of 1.2 million euros. The consortium is made up of 6 partners from 5 European countries: Spain, Italy, Norway, Germany and Poland.

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