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Our centre is committed to the principles of Open, Transparent, Merit-based (OTM-R) and equal opportunities recruitment processes, and hence, we endorse:

And have developed a "HR Strategy" on the recruitment and career development of the research staff according to all the principles and recommendations.


Currently, the ways to join our centre are based on competitive calls for contracting researchers, where ACHUCARRO can be a host institution (see below). These external evaluations support our OTM-R policies.

Nevertheless, in the cases where applicants need a reference or support letter, we request a Research Statement with specific details of future research plans and objectives. Together with the CV or resume of the candidate, we use both to assess the alignment of the applicant with the Research Strategy of ACHUCARRO. If our selection panels decide to support a candidate, the Research Statement is considered as a contract between the researcher and ACHUCARRO, in terms of the career development and follow-up of each person.

We also provide support with the different application processes to those applicants that pass our internal selection process.

If you are interested in joining Achucarro, you can contact us on

Recruitment Programmes

IKERBASQUE - Basque Foundation for Science

Senior Researchers, Group Leaders and Associate Researchers, Tenured researchers
Achucarro is an eligible host institutions for the Ikerbasque position holders:

Ikerbasque Research Fellows
Tenure-track style 5 year contract, for post-doctoral profile researchers

Ikerbasque Research Professor Call
Permanent contracts for Senior Researchers, more than 4 years international research experience required.

Marie Skłodowska Curie Action - European Commission

Senior Researchers and Associate Researchers
Achucarro is an eligible host institutions for the MSCA calls of the European Commission:

Individual Fellowships (IF)
12 to 24 months duration, for post-doctoral profile researchers.

Spanish Government - R&D State Secretariat

Ramon y Cajal: Tenured positions for Senior Researchers
Achucarro is an eligible host institutions for the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness Ramon y Cajal calls:

Juan de la Cierva
Postdoctoral contracts for different early career stage researchers.

Ramon y Cajal
Tenure-track style 5 year contract, for post-doctoral profile researchers.

Living here

If you are considering joining Achucarro, and moving to Bilbao and the Basque Country, you may want some advice or directions to find all the information that you may need to make a decision.