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What makes us human: a neuro-physiologist perspective

Albert Gidon

NeuroCure, Charite - Universitatmedizin Berlin (Germany)

31 Mar 2023 13:00

Aketxe Room, Sede Building, Leioa

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We believe that our unique moral values, complex societies, and rich language have originated from our remarkable human brains. This raises a long-standing question; is the human brain fundamentally different from the rest of our mammalian relatives? At the cellular scale, we hope to shed light on the question by identifying neurophysiological markers that distinguish us as humans. In my talk, I will present findings from our recent work, where we recorded the electrical activity in the dendrites of human pyramidal neurons from surgically resected cortical tissue. I will elaborate on the functional aspects of cortical neurons and their dendrites. Then I will discuss the uniqueness of these dendrites in rodents versus humans and the consequences of the computational complexity emerging from their properties.

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