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Mazahir T. Hasan

Group Leader

Ikerbasque Research Professor


Tel: (+34) 94 601 8285

Science Park of the UPV/EHU

Sede Building, 3rd floor, Barrio Sarriena, s/n

E-48940 Leioa Spain

About me

ORCID  0000-0001-9985-7271   ResearchGate

My lab uses state-of-the-art technical approaches for systems neuroscience and synthetic biology to develop new methods for mapping and manipulating brain circuits, allowing us to investigate fundamental neurobiological processes and disease mechanisms.

See my current research interest and projects at my lab's website.

I have published two seminal scientific articles that demonstrated for the first time the successful use of genetically-encoded calcium indicators in the mammalian brain for mapping sensory responses (Hasan et al., PLoS Biol. 2(6):e163, 2004) with single cell and single action potential resolution (Wallace et al., Nat Methods. 5(9):797-804, 2008) These achievements transformed the research in systems neuroscience, making transformational impacts in contributing towards understanding healthy nervous systems and different psychiatric and neurological diseases.