Living and working in the Basque Country

If you are considering joining Achucarro, and moving to Bilbao and the Basque Country, you may want some advice or directions to find all the information that you may need to make a decision.

Euskadi, the Basque County: Culture, beaches, mountains, nature, gastronomy, leisure, welfare, and much more...

Resources and Services

  • Bizkaia Talent
    A non-profit organisation with the mission of attracting, connecting and retaining talented professionals in the Basque Historic Territory of Bizkaia. They help, among other services, with the landing in our region (relocation, housing, education of children, etc.)
  • Residential complex for researchers in Bilbao (Bilbao BBK Talent)
    A truly convenient place to stay when landing in Bilbao.

Interesting information and documents

Basque Country (Tourism Agency) Bizkaia :: Talent Bilbao BBK Talent