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Laboratory Manager in Circadian Neurobiology

The Laboratory of Circadian Physiology at ACHUCARRO, is seeking one Lab manager to join StarTicking an European Research Council Consolidator Grant project within the Horizon Europe framework. If you are excited about brain development and how neuronal-glia networks mature to keep our physiology on time, JOIN US!

Summary Information

Profile for this position
The 24-h (circadian) timing system develops during the perinatal period and rules our physiology later in life. It has the essential task of anticipating daily recurring changes in the environment (day/night) to find the best time for each molecular and cellular process. It is organised hierarchically, with a master pacemaker in the hypothalamic suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN), which is able to perceive environmental light and tell the body what time is it. StarTicking proposes to answer a long-standing question in the field: When and how the circadian clock starts ticking with a multidisciplinary and integrated approach focused on the development of the central pacemaker in mice and human.
We offer a five-year full-time position (extension possible) starting on January 2024. The contract will be funded by the European Union under the project ERC 2022—COG #101088375. We are a highly motivated and collaborative research group in a vibrant scientific community with access to cutting-edge technical and scientific resources.  
You need to have:
  • lab experience in the field of Neuroscience, Bioinformatics, Biology or Biochemistry.
  • a very good/excellent written and spoken English.
  • excellent organization and time-management skills.
  • a strong motivation for learning and supporting the timely progress of all lab projects.
  • previous experience with mouse experiments, molecular biology, imaging and/or bioinformatics will be highly appreciated.
Application deadline 10 Nov, 2023
Expected contract starting date 01 Jan, 2024

How to apply

The application should be written in English and include:
  • Motivation letter explaining why you want to work in our lab and at Achucarro.
  • CV (including a personal statement of achievements (300 words), previous positions, the degree’s academic record and certificates including animal experiments training).
  • Contact details of two previous supervisors.
Send your application to Dr. Mariana Astiz indicating “Lab manager candidate_Surname” in the subject of the email before November 10th 2023.