Cell Analytics Facility

Cell Sorting

Achucarro's BD FACSJazz

The Cell Sorting Facility is equiped with a BD FACSJazz (2B/4YG) cell sorter and analyser. This cell sorter incorporates some new design features (intuitive alignment, real-time video monitoring, drop-delay confirmation,...) that simplify the operation of stream-in-air machines, which helps increasing the operational efficiency for high workloads.

Main technical specifications

  • Optics
    • 488 nm (blue) laser and 561 nm (yellow-green) laser independently aligned.
    • 20X, 0.6NA microscope objective.
    • Forward Scatter Detector and Filters: 75- and 50-mm lenses and PMT tube with a 488/10 BP filter and OD3 neutral density filter.
    • Side Scatter Detector and Filter: 90º collection lens and 488/10BP filter PMT.
    • Fluorescence Detectors and Filters: 90º collection lens and PMTs (2B/4YG).
  • Fluidics
    • Sheath pressure fixed at 27 psi (1.8 bar) with a consumption of 0.5 L/h.
    • 100 µm nozzle with replaceable fluidics path and bubble detector.
  • Performance
    • Two way sorting: 5 and 15 ml tubes.
    • Plates and slides: 6, 24, 96 and 384 well plates and user-defined collection devices.
    • Temperature control by circulating water bath.
    • Drop-delay confirmation (BD FACS Accudrop technology).
  • Signal processing
    • Eight data acquisition channels.
    • Parallel data streams with channel ID and integrity check.
    • Less than 1 correlation error per 108 events.
    • Maximum throughput rate: 200.000 events/second

Conditions of use and fees.

Extracellular Flux Analysis

Achucarro's Seahorse XFe 96 Extracellular Flux Analyser

We counts with a Seahorse XFe96 - Extracellular Flux Analyzer that can provide the value of the two major energy producing pathways of the cells: mitochondrial respiration and glycolysis, in a microplate and in real-time.

This equipment has received the financial support of the European Commission - European Regional Development Fund.
FEDER | "Una menra de hacer Europa" | Gobierno de España

Conditions of use and fees.

Electroporation System

We also have a square wave electroporation system which is designed for all in vitro and in vivo electroporation applications. This unit can be used for applications such as mammalian cell transfections/gene therapy and cell protein/drug electroincorporation, nuclear transfer, and plant applications.

Main technical specifications

  • Low voltage mode offers 1V discrimination and ±5% accuracy.
  • Pulse length ranges from 10µs–10 seconds, allowing flexibility for almost all applications.
  • The Arc Quenching mechanism minimizes sample damage caused by arcing.
  • The generator features RS-232 and RS-485 interface ports and is short-circuit proof and protected by an external safety stand, which guards against spills.

This equipment is open to external users upon request.