Mar 10

Astrocytes in Alzheimer's Disease

A review on their pathological significance and molecular pathways

This review article is fruit of the collaboration between different laboratories and researchers in Achucarro, with Dr. Pranav Preman at VIB-KU Leuven, Belgium.

Mar 16

Achucarro International Glia School 2021 will be on-line

The current edition maintains the core of activities of our training and networking event.

The current situation regarding Covid-19 pandemic restrictions is a major obstacle to organize the 2021 edition of our Glia School in the format we originally planned.

We have therefore decided to switch to an on-line format. This modification implies that poster sessions and practical demonstrations will not take place, while we will maintain the lectures and research project (grant) elaboration including the brainstorming session supervised by the speakers.

Mar 24

Cover on ACS Appl Mater Interfaces for a collaboration work on Fluorine Labeling of Nanoparticles

Researcher from Institute Biofisika, CIC biomaGUNE and ACHUCARRO collaborate in this work in the field of molecular imaging

This article shows the results of an amazing collaboration that led to successfully prepare fluorine-labelled nanoparticles (NPs) that are active in 19F magnetic resonance imaging (19F MRI) by either conjugating four different fluorinated building blocks, shown in the 3D structure, to carboxyl-modified NPs or by direct grafting of PEG-fluorinated ligands. The research team obtained 19F MRI images of NPs accumulating in mice livers after intravenous injection.

May 5

Shedding light to the early diagnose of Alzheimer's disease with a novel imaging biomarker

Researchers from ACHUCARRO collaborate with CIC biomaGUNE in this work in the field of molecular imaging and neuroscience

Abraham Martín and Ana Joya, from the Laboratory of Neuroimaging and biomarkers of inflammation and Estibaliz Capetillo from the Laboratory of Neurobiology of ACHUCARRO are part of an international group of researchers led by Jordi Llop (CIC biomaGUNE, BRTA) that have just published a paper to advance in the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease.

Jun 16

Charla-coloquio sobre "Vida tras la muerte (de las neuronas): el sistema de autolimpieza del cerebro"

ACHUCARRO y la Cátedra de Cultura Científica de la UPV/EHU organizan el siguiente AchucarroForum, dentro del ciclo Bidebarrieta Científica

Nuestra compañera Amanda Sierra ofrecerá una conferencia el próximo día 16 de junio en la biblioteca de Bidebarrieta en Bilbao, dentro de las actividades de divulgación que desarrollamos desde ACHUCARRO.

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