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Renewal of ISAC panel

Following our periodic renewal of members of the external scientific advisory committee, we are happy that Prof. Leda Dimou (Ulm University, Germany) and Prof. Joao ...

Farewell Laboratory of Neuronal Excitability

The Laboratory of Neuronal Excitability, led since 2016 by Dr. Jan Tønnesen, has just completed its move to the Biofisika Institute. Jan joined ACHUCARRO when ...

Our Advanced Light Microscopy node within Euro-BioImaging, officialy in!

Five new Nodes were approved by the Euro-BioImaging Board in early January 2024, bringing our official Node count to 41. These five new Nodes, which ...

Emakumeak Zientzian, people in search of a full life

Thirty-two Basque organizations are jointly running a wide-ranging program in the 8th edition of Emakumeak Zientzian (Women in Science) in Gipuzkoa, Bizkaia and Araba. The ...

Unveiled the developmental origin of adult hippocampal neural stem cells

Researchers from ACHUCARRO, Oier Pastor-Alonso, Fernando García-Moreno, Soraya Martín-Suárez, and Juan Manuel Encinas have collaborated with Anja Urbach and her group at the Jena University ...

An image of Fernando García Moreno selected in the FOTCIENCIA20 contest

FOTCIENCIA is a scientific photography contest organized by the CSIC and FECYT, whose objective is to bring science and technology closer to citizens through an ...