Oct 1

New research group on Neuroimaging and biomarkers

Abraham Martín, an Ikerbasque Research Fellow joined ACHUCARRO to expand an ongoing fruitful research line on neuroimaging and biomarkers of inflammation

Sep 01

New research group joining our centre

Olatz Pampliega, a Ramon y Cajal Fellow has joined ACHUCARRO to open a research group on glial and neuronal autophagy

Jul 11

Neurogune 2018 in Vitoria – Gasteiz, another record of participation

More than 100 research works will be presented in the next congress of the Basque research community about the brain.

Jul 04

A Research work developed in ACHUCARRO discovers a molecular key for delaying the progression ff Multiple Sclerosis

Research personnel at the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country participated in the promising discovery published by the prestigious scientific journal EMBO Molecular Medicine

May 02

¡Ya está aquí Pint of Science 2018!

El festival de divulgación científica en los bares de Bilbao

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