Achucarro Seminars

13 Sept [2019]

at 13.00 CET

Role of Interleukin-37 in Neurological conditions

Ruben Lopez Vales

Group of Neuroplasticity and Regeneration at Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona (Spain)


Inflammatory response plays an essential role to protect the body after injury or invasion by microorganisms. This physiological response must be tightly regulated, otherwise, it may lead to deleterious effects and cause tissue damage. In the peripheral nervous system, the inflammatory response plays a crucial role in promoting axonal regeneration after lesion, as it has been consistently shown in several injury models. However, after central nervous system injury or disease, the inflammatory response is inefficiently controlled and contributes to neurodegeneration and to neurological decline.

IL-37 is unique in the IL 1 family in that this cytokine broadly limits innate and adaptive immunity. Transgenic mice for human IL-37 exhibit reduced disease severity in animal models of endotoxemia, acute lung injury, chemical colitis, myocardial ischemia and metabolic syndrome. IL-37 mediates its anti-inflammatory actions by acting as a nuclear and extracellular cytokine. In the present seminar Dr Lopez-Vales will provide new insight into the contribution of IL-37 to neuroinflammation and neurological outcomes after central nervous system injury and disease.

Host: Maria Domerck


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