Jan 17

International cooperation project to fight Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

More than 50% the population are expected to encounter a severe traumatic experience, and roughly 8% of those exposed will develop the typical PTSD

May 14

Treating Parkinson's disease by genetic therapy

New NIH grant for the Memory Circuits lab, to study Parkinson's Disease

Our colleague Mazahir T. Hasan (Ikerbasque Research Professor and Group at ACHUCARRO) and Prof. Dr. Thomas Wichmann of Emory University, (Georgia, USA) have been awarded an  exploratory grant by the National Institute of Health (USA), to develop a research project entitled, "Chemogenetic manipulation of neurons and astrocytes in the subthalamic nucleus to treat parkinsonism".

May 1

The interinstitutional group of researchers published the fast SARS-CoV-2 detection protocol based on RNA precipitation and RT-qPCR in nasopharyngeal swab samples

Fruit of the altruistic work of researchers from Basque academic and research organizations

The group of researchers that voluntarily set a task force in response to the Covid-19 crisis in the Basque Country have published the protocol they have developed.

This alternative detection protocol, based on PCR equipment and the use of standard reagents is a solid alternative to commercial kits, which were either not available at the time of the pandemic, or had very limited detection capabilities.

Abr 12

Publicado el protocolo desarrollado por el grupo inter-institucional para el diagnóstico del Covid-19

Publicado en abierto, y en multitud de idiomas, para que otros centros y laboratorios lo puedan replicar.

El personal investigador de la UPV/EHU, Ikerbasque, ACHUCARRO, Fundación Biofisika Bizkaia, junto a los institutos de investigación sanitaria BioCruces Bizkaia y BioAraban han hecho público hoy el protocolo que han desarrollado para poder desarrollar diagnósticos del Covid-19, basándose en RT-PCR.

Mar 27

Special issue on super-resolution microscopy in Methods

Jan Tønnesen has guest edited an issue compiling review and original papers on progress in super-resolution microscopy

The Group Leader of the Laboratory of Neuronal Excitability, Jan Tønnesen has guest edited a new issue of Methods, compiling review and original papers on progress in super-resolution microscopy from established and emerging leaders in the field.

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