Achucarro Seminars

28 Feb [2020]

Using animal models to improve tDCS in humans: advantages and limitations

Javier Marquez

Translational Brain Stimulation Laboratory at the Pablo de Olavide University-Sevilla (Spain)

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21 Feb [2020]

Brain organoids dissection into strategies for getting a better model for neurodevelopmental associated diseases

Lluís Cordón Barris

University of Southern California, Los Angeles

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14 Feb [2020]

Semi-synthetic approach for optical interrogation of the nervous system

Mayya Sundukova

Biofisika - Basque Centre for Biophysics

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07 Feb [2020]

Parkinson's disease; molecular mechanisms and anti-aggregation therapies.

Nora Bengoa-Vergniory

University of Oxford

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24 Jan [2020]

The biology of brain colonization by metastatic cells

Manuel Valiente

Spanish National Cancer Research Center (CNIO) Madrid, Spain

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