Entrevista a Carlos Matute en el blog de la Fundación CIEN

"El estudio de las células gliales aventura nuevas terapias en neuroprotección"

Ago 30

Con motivo de la celebración del III Congreso Internacional de Investigación e Innovación en Enfermedades Neurodegenerativas, el blog de la Fundación CIEN entrevista al Director Científico del centro Achucarro, sobre las líneas de trabajo que se desarrollan en el Laboratorio de Neurobiología que dirige, sobre el estudio de las células gliales en el cerebro, así como de su papel en la enfermedad de Alzheimer.

Classic papers on glial cells

Network Glia provides a valuable library of publications from the pioneers of the research about glia

Jul 27

The concept of neuroglia was introduced by Rudolf Virchow in 1856. Virchow conceived neuroglia as a kind of connective tissue and found that this tissue also contained cellular elements. However, the first glial cell was described even before Virchow drafted his neuroglia concept.

Robert Remak had described nerve fibers and their surrounding sheats, later on called Schwann Cells, in his thesis published in 1838.

Heinrich Müller described cells which were named after him, the Müller cells and published the first drawings of these radial glial cells in Würzburg in 1851.

The first drawings of a star shaped glial cell were done by Otto Deiters (who died at a young age and whose work was published posthumously) in 1865.

Some years later Jacob Henle and Friedrich Merkel produced drawings of glial networks in the gray matter.
Finally, Pio del Rio Hortega, a disciple of Nicolás Achucarro and Santiago Ramón y Cajal, finally succeded in defining the three glial cell types in the central nervous system. In a series of publications he was able to distinguish microglial cells and oligodendrocystes from astrocytes, and since then we know these three major types of glial cells in the central nervous system.

13th edition of the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Week

Opening lecturer will be Beau Lotto, Reader in Neurobiology at the University College London

Oct 28

The opening event of the Science, Technology and Innovation Week, chaired by the President of the Basque Country region, Iñigo Urkullu (@iurkullu)will be held in the Euskalduna Convention Centre in Bilbao, on Monday November 4th at 19.00 CET

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