Seminarios Achucarro

29 Nov [2019]

The emerging role of astrocytes in the control of metabolism

Cristina García Caceres

Institute for Diabetes and Obesity, Helmholtz Zentrum Muenchen Neuherberg, Germany

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22 Nov [2019]

A Novel Oxidative Stress Detoxification Pathway that Confers Neuroprotection

Teresa Iglesias

Alberto Sols Biomedical Research Institute, Autonomous University of Madrid (CSIC-UAM),

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15 Nov [2019]

The role of the imbalance between aging-linked alterations and resilience mechanisms in Alzheimer's disease

Francesc X. Guix Ràfols

Severo Ochoa Molecular Biology Center (CBMSO), Madrid, Spain

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25 Oct [2019]

From retinal development to drug development

Enrique de la Rosa

CIB / CSIC (Madrid, Spain)

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20 Sept [2019]

From Synchrotrons to Microwires – a broad view on sensory processing

Andreas Schaefer

Group of Neurophysiology of Behaviour at the Francis Crick Institute (London)

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13 Sept [2019]

Role of Interleukin-37 in Neurological conditions

Ruben Lopez Vales

Group of Neuroplasticity and Regeneration at Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona (Spain)

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19 Jul [2019]

Niche factors compromise the metabolism of Aß plaque-associated microglia

Alberto Pascual

Institute of Biomedicine of Seville (IBIS)

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05 Jul [2019]

A role of Zn and Vesicular glutamate transporters in the communication between Axon and myelin

Ileana Micu

Advanced imaging unit of the Queen's University in Belfast, UK

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