During 2017 and with the support of Emakunde, the Basque Institute for Women and the methodologies they propose for this kind of initiatives, we underwent an internal analysis and reflection process to improve the policies and our organisational culture towards the Equality.

The 100% of the personnel participated in, at least one of the dynamics, surveys or working groups created to attain this Plan. The process carried out from June to November was structured in three stages: an initial analysis or diagnose stage, before the design stage, to conclude with a training and dissemination stage.

Since the methodology and framework, we used is closely linked to gender equalities, some of the main actions and activities in our Plan for the period 2018-2021 are related to gender inequalities, but our scope strives to be much wider and to cover all the potential inequalities (ethnic, religion, etc).

Our plan identifies four main objectives or areas of improvement:

  1. Promoting equal opportunities in positions of responsibility
  2. Generating working environments and conditions that facilitate the co-responsible conciliation of personal, family and professional life
  3. Incorporating the gender perspective in the policies, products and operating dynamics
  4. Promoting inclusive leadership styles

Gender balance ratio (2019)
Gender balance ratio (2019)

In order to implement and follow up the development of the Plan, we set an Equality Committee composed by a representative of each function or career stage in our organisation, from each gender.

One of the first actions in the Plan was to create and publish with section on our website to reflect on our commitment towards Equality. But not only, we have also reviewed our Mission to show that commitment and also our Founding Statutes and Strategic Objectives.

The Spanish Society for Neurosciences maintains a webpage with valuable and updated information about the situation of women in this scientific field. We encourage you to visit it: Mujeres en neurociencia

ACHUCARRO, Evolution of appointed personnel by gender
Evolution of appointed personnel by gender


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