Dec 30

Ane Rodriguez wins one of the Sigma Xi Grants in Aid of Research

The predoctoral researcher works in a collaboration project between the Encinas and Tønnesen labs

Ane Rodríguez Bodero, predoctoral researcher funded by the Basque Government has been awarded a grant from Sigma XI Grants in Aid of Research of 1,000 USD.

Ane is working on a joint project between the laboratories of Neuronal Excitability and Neural Stem Cells and Neurogenesis of ACHUCARRO. The objective of this project is to understand how hyperexcitability impacts existing and newborn neurons in the hippocampus.

Ane Rodriguez, awarded by SigmaXi


The funding from Sigma XI is designated the purchase of a new imaging chamber to facilitate high-resolution time-lapse imaging.

Way to go, Ane!!