Achucarro International GLIA SCHOOL | frontier research in glial cell biology

Achucarro Basque Center for Neuroscience (ACHUCARRO) organises the third edition of the innovative training course for researchers focused or willing to work in the vibrant field of glial cells.

The 2022 edition will be centred in Aging and Development.

The approach of this school is to foster close interactions between the speakers (mentors) and the participants, inspiring new collaborations/projects, through lectures by world-class experts, practical demonstrations of state-of-the-art techniques, and brainstorming group sessions for designing an innovative research project.

  1. Lectures
  2. Practical demonstrations of state-of-the-art techniques
  3. Brainstorming sessions (in groups) for designing an innovative research project

Our speakers/mentor for this edition:


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Radial glia and Stem Cells

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The main goal of the school is to combine and discuss cutting-edge science and leisure activities in a relaxed environment (so ideas can naturally blossom) by fostering close interaction, mentoring, and networking with leading researchers in the field of glial biology.

Organization committee
Carlos Matute, Edgar Soria-Gómez, Federico N. Soria, Amanda Sierra, José R. Pineda, Vanja Tepavcevic and Alexei Verkhratsky -- Achucarro Basque Center for Neuroscience & UPV/EHU & CIBERNED.


June (Mon) 20 to (Fri) 24, 2022

Atalaia Claret Residence
A very convenient space near to our headquarters and the campus of the University

Total: 500 €
Deposit of 200€ for selected applicants before Feb 28th 2022

Sep 15th Registration opens
Nov 30th Registration closes
Jan 19th Communication to selected applicants
Feb 28th Deadline for paying deposit
Apr 30th Communication of grants
June 6th Deadline for final payment

Bilbao, Bizkaia