Seminarios Achucarro

18 Jun [2021]

at 13.00 CET

Role of oligodendrocytes and microglia in myelin remodeling

María Domercq

Laboratory of Neurobiology (Achucarro)


Myelin determines the speed and temporal coherency of signaling, that is crucial for synchronization and high brain function. Once thought to be a mostly inert layer of insulation around axons, myelin plays an active and dynamic role in the preservation and maintenance of axonal structure and function and the dynamic regulation of myelination might represent a form of functional plasticity. Myelin dysfunction contributes to severe motor impairment in demyelinating diseases such as multiple sclerosis but also to cognitive impairment in acute and chronic neurological disorders. Importantly, myelin can be spontaneously repaired in a limited manner at the early phases of multiple sclerosis as well as in stroke and spinal cord injury. Boosting this intrinsic partial capacity of myelin repair constitutes a major challenge in the field. The main goal of my research is to design strategies to promote myelination and remyelination. We have two main strategies, one focused on targeting oligodendrocytes to accelerate myelination and to understand its impact on axon function and survival. The second objective is to understand the role of microglia in myelin repair and to identify microglia signaling pathways that could boost remyelination. I will summarize new projects in development to explore the role of microglia and oligodendrocytes in axo-myelin function. 

Currently we are hosting our seminar in Zoom. The link is available to external people on request.


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