Oct 1

New research group on Neuroimaging and biomarkers

Abraham Martín, an Ikerbasque Research Fellow joined ACHUCARRO to expand an ongoing fruitful research line on neuroimaging and biomarkers of inflammation

Achucarro Basque Center for Neuroscience is happy to announce that we keep incorporating young and talented researchers.  Abraham Martín Muñoz, a neuroscientist coming from CIC biomaGUNE in Donostia - San Sebastian has joined will be establishing a new research group on bioimaging and biomarkers of inflammation.

Abraham Martín Muñoz, head of the new research laboratory on bioimaging and biomarkers of inflammation

Abraham did his graduate studies at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and then moved to the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) for a visiting studentship in PET imaging. After this stay, he started his PhD on neuroinflammation in ischemic stroke at the IIBB-CSIC in Barcelona. While in Barcelona, he also visite the IESL-FORTH in Greece, where he applied optical imaging to cerebral ischemia. Once achieved his PhD, he moved to the I2BM - CEA instute in Paris (France) where he worked in biomedical imaging of stroke. This second postdoctoral stay was at the Molecular Imaging Unit of CIC biomaGUNE (Donostia - San Sebastian) where he continued his research on nuclear and magnetic resonance imaging after cerebrovascular and neurodegenerative diseases.

Currently, the main goal of his laboratory is to evaluate the role of neurotransmitter receptors as promising inflammatory biomarkers in neurovascular research using molecular imaging.