Achucarro Seminars

25 Jun [2021]

at 13.00 CET

Dissecting genetic brain disease: from 2D to 3D iPSC organoids

Michela Deleidi

University of Tübingen (Germany)


Induced pluripotent stem cell-derived organoids have recently emerged as platforms that more precisely mimic tissue complexity and heterogeneity. Tissue-specific organoids have already been successfully employed to model human development as well as a variety of human diseases. Furthermore, current efforts to improve the complexity of organoid models that incorporate disease-relevant cells are ongoing. In this seminar, I will summarize recent efforts from our laboratory and the research community aimed at implementing brain organoid models coupled with single-cell technologies for the study of the link between rare human brain disease and common aging-associated neurodegenerative diseases. Specifically, I will focus on our recent work on the genetic and functional link between mitochondrial diseases and neurodegenerative dementia.  A particular attention will be paid to the discussion of current advantages and limitations of organoid-based modeling of human neurodegenerative diseases. The development of highly controlled human in vitro models will aid the analysis of tissue- and cell-specific pathways involved in brain diseases.


Currently we are hosting our seminar in Zoom. The link is available to external people on request.


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