Achucarro Seminars

09 Apr [2021]

at 14.00 CET

Microglia-dependent mechanisms governing brain wiring and plasticity

Dorothy P. Schafer

University of Massachusetts Medical School (USA)


Microglia are dynamic sensors of their extracellular environment and regulators of synaptic connectivity. Using a combination of cell-specific molecular genetics, single cell RNA sequencing, and cell-specific translating ribosome affinity purification (TRAP), we are working to molecular dissect how microglia respond to changes in neural activity and remodel synapses in health and disease. In the process, we have uncovered a novel role for chemokine signaling in microglia-dependent remodeling of cortical synapses within the barrel cortex following sensory deprivation-induced changes in neural activity. Interestingly, this same chemokine signaling seems to also regulate microglia-vascular interactions. We are now exploring how these microglia-vascular interactions may intersect with microglia function at developing synapses.

Currently we are hosting our seminar in Zoom. The link is available to external people on request.


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