Achucarro Seminars

05 Jul [2019]

at 13.00 CET

A role of Zn and Vesicular glutamate transporters in the communication between Axon and myelin

Ileana Micu

Advanced imaging unit of the Queen's University in Belfast, UK


Myelinated axon is a complex structure involved in  pathology of stroke , dementia and demyelinated neurological disorders like multiple sclerosis. In this seminar I will discuss our findings regarding the molecular physiology of synapse-like communication  between axon and myelin and focus on  the molecular pathways of  axonal vesicular  glutamate release and myelinic  glutamate receptors activation. Also I will present preliminary  data related to the potential role of  optic nerve  axonal VGLUT1 in stroke  and the role of  zinc and zinc signaling pathways in myelin destruction in  ischemic conditions. I will speculate about the potential role of  axonal VGLUT1 and ZnT3 in myelin physiology  and  pathology and  future research directions.

Host: Maria Domercq