Achucarro Seminars

10 Jun [2019]

at 13.00 CET

How experience contributes to circuit remodeling in the adult and aging hippocampus

Alejandro Schinder

Leloir Institute and the Argentine Research Council (CONICET) Buenos Aires (Argentina)


The dentate gyrus of the hippocampus displays a unique degree of plasticity conveyed by its ability to generate and integrate new principal neurons through life, a process called adult neurogenesis.  Those new cells are important to encode specific features of memory, particularly those that demand fine discrimination during spatial exploration.  My laboratory has focused on understanding how the preexisting circuits are modified by the integration of newly generated neurons and how they interact with the microenvironment (niche).  Adult neurogenesis is quite different from other forms of plasticity, because new neurons change the manner in which they process information as they develop and connect within the preexisting network. In my talk I will discuss recent approaches combining opto- and chemogenetics that we used to understand the function of developing neurons and the mechanisms that transduce behavioral experiences into changes in their integration and plasticity.

Host: Juanma Encinas


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