Achucarro Seminars

20 Oct [2017]

at 13.00 CET

Glial Lipocalins and the burden of membrane management in the nervous system

Diego Sánchez and Dolores Ganfornina

University of Valladolid


Lipocalins are extracellular lipid binding proteins. Apolipoprotein D is a Lipocalin expressed by astrocytes and myelinating glial cells, with neuroprotective functions against oxidative challenges. We recently discovered that ApoD has a role in lysosomal pH homeostasis, revealing this Lipocalin as a critical factor to prevent oxidation-induced membrane permeabilization. This antioxidant ability underlies diverse and unexpected biological processes such as myelin maturation, where ApoD is involved in the compaction of myelin extracellular leaflet by regulating glycolipid recycling.

Activity partially supported by UPV/EHU.