July 10

New website section: Downloads!

We give another step in the Achucarro knowledge transfer and outreach strategy by making public and available some of the work and code developed for image analysis.

Our colleagues of the Laboratory of Glial Cell Biology, Iñaki Paris, Amanda Sierra and Jorge Valero have just released the first version of their code development named "ProMoIJ" (Process Motility in ImageJ), a pack of ImageJ macros to perform semi-automatic motility analysis of microglial processes in 3D from 2-photon time-lapse experiments.

New section on this website: Downloads!

These macros could also be adapted to analyse motility of non-hollow and non-twisted tubular structures such as cellular filaments, dendrites, dendritic spines, growth cone filopodia, cilia, plant roots, and growing stalactites. Importantly, ProMoIJ performs batch processing of the images (i.e. without manual intervention of the user), applying the same parameters values to all images.

This pack is the first software development code that we publish (under GNU license), and follows the institutional strategy for open access and open source.