Oct 22

Theranostic potential of adenosine A1 receptors after stroke

Novel insights on the role of purinergic receptors on neuroinflammation after brain ischemia

The Ikerbasque Research Fellow at ACHUCARRO, Dr. Abraham Martín Muñoz is last author of an article recenty accepted in Theranostics, entitled "In vivo multimodal imaging of adenosine A1 receptors in neuroinflammation after experimental stroke". This research work shows the novel diagnostic and therapeutic properties of A1 receptors as well as its role on neuroinflammation following preclinical stroke

This multimodal imaging work is fruit of a collaboration among the Laboratory of Neuroimaging and Biomarkers of Inflammation and the Laboratory of Neurobiology of our centre, together with colleagues from the Molecular Imaging Unit at CIC biomaGUNE.