Aug 18

Specific Hippocampal Interneurons Shape Consolidation of Recognition Memory

New paper from our colleague Edgar Soria-Gómez

The present study reveals that a specific subpopulation of hippocampal D1R/CB1R-positive neurons controls late consolidation of NOR memory and associated synaptic plasticity by moderating local inhibitory GABAergic activity in the hippocampus.

Specifically, CB1R expressed in D1R-positive interneurons participate in learning-induced facilitation of in vivo LTP and are required for consolidation of NOR memory. Moreover, CB1R in D1R-positive neurons are necessary for physiological D1R-dependent modulation of memory processes, suggesting that cannabinoid signaling is part of a complex modulatory circuit regulated by dopamine transmission in the hippocampus. By determining cellular and behavioral functions of a specific CB1R-expressing interneuron subpopulation, these data uncover an unforeseen role of CB1Rin the D1R-dependent control of long-term memory.