Aug 05

New equipment for automated imaging and immunoassays

We have just incorporated two new platforms for High-Content Screening and Single Molecule Array.

ACHUCARRO continues strengthening and widening the range of technologies to perform research on the biology of neuron – glia interactions. Our Imaging and Proteomics facilities have received new technologies to help advance in the sophistication of our research projects.

On the one hand, we have one ThermoFisher CellInsight CX7 for performing cell biology with automated high-resolution microscopy and robotic handling to extract the information from samples using several imaging modes (7-channel fluorescent imaging, 5-channel brightfield imaging, 7-channel confocal imaging).

On the other hand, and thanks to the support of the Spanish State Agency for Research (Spanish Government) that covered part of the investment, we have one Quanterix SIMOA HD-1 analyzer, an automated instrument for running immunoassays using single molecule array technology (SIMOA). This is a digital form of ELISA for trapping and sealing individual immunocomplexes on paramagnetic beads in thousands of femtoliter sized wells in arrays.

In both cases, we also have the support of the BERC Programme of the Department of Education of the Basque Goverment.

Both technologies are open to the use of other institutions and collaborators, so check the requirements in the website of each facility.