Jul 09

Christian Giaume, agur eta ohore

Our friend and colleague Christian Giaume passed away last week

Christian Giaume (Nice, 1951 - Paris, 2019) was Research Director at the Collège de France, and researcher at CNRS, and member of the International Scientific Advisory Committee of ACHUCARRO.

Christian Giaume

After completing a thesis on electrical synapses of invertebrates at the Pasteur Institute he pioneered a highly productive neuroscientific career focused on the molecular constituents of glial gap junctions and connexins, a topic in which he made key discoveries and become a world leader. His work led him to propose that instead of a "glial syncytium", astroglia is organized in networks that are plastic and exhibit a specific spatial organization. He also studied the contribution of astroglial connexin channels in the control of synaptic plasticity in several mouse models of brain pathology such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, neuropathic pain, and sleep disorders.

Christian often visited Bilbao and the Basque Country, that he loved, gave several seminars and a plenary lecture at Neurogune 2013. As a member of our ISAC, he has been extremely supportive of Achucarro by providing advice and positive comments about the development and establishment of our Center. Christian was a very generous person and a great friend as well.

One of the last talks by Christian  France Académie des Sciences awarded the 2018 State Prize2  

We will all miss him a lot. Agur eta ohore, lagun.