Sep 15

Registration period open for the Achucarro International Glia School 2020

This advanced training course will be held in our premises, from June 23 to 25, 2020

We are willing to receive application from young neuroscientists, gliologists, to attend the second edition of the Achucarro International Glia School, organised by ACHUCARRO.

Aug 05

New equipment for automated imaging and immunoassays

We have just incorporated two new platforms for High-Content Screening and Single Molecule Array.

ACHUCARRO continues strengthening and widening the range of technologies to perform research on the biology of neuron – glia interactions. Our Imaging and Proteomics facilities have received new technologies to help advance in the sophistication of our research projects.

July 04

Astrocytes control mapping of synaptic connections and memories

Mazahir T. Hasan developed a genetic approach to selectively block vesicular release from astrocytes.

Human brain has roughly 100 billion neurons and about the same number of glia cells, which have been traditionally considered to be playing a support role for neurons. Neurons are connected through synaptic connections which involve the participation of presynaptic and postsynaptic neurons, with electrical transmission moving from pre-to-postsynaptic direction.

Jul 09

Christian Giaume, agur eta ohore

Our friend and colleague Christian Giaume passed away last week

Christian Giaume (Nice, 1951 - Paris, 2019) was Research Director at the Collège de France, and researcher at CNRS, and member of the International Scientific Advisory Committee of ACHUCARRO.

Christian Giaume

After completing a thesis on electrical synapses of invertebrates at the Pasteur Institute he pioneered a highly productive neuroscientific career focused on the molecular constituents of glial gap junctions and connexins, a topic in which he made key discoveries and become a world leader. His work led him to propose that instead of a "glial syncytium", astroglia is organized in networks that are plastic and exhibit a specific spatial organization. He also studied the contribution of astroglial connexin channels in the control of synaptic plasticity in several mouse models of brain pathology such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, neuropathic pain, and sleep disorders.

May 29

Hay engramas de memoria en el hipotálamo

El Prof. Dr. Mazahir T. Hasan es el responsable del Laboratorio de Circuitos de la Memoria en el centro de investigación Achucarro Basque Center for Neuroscience de Leioa y primer autor principal del estudio.

Hasta el momento existía una asunción casi dogmática en este campo de investigación que venía a situar en las zonas del cerebro conocidas como hipocampo y corteza cerebral eran el almacén de la memoria. Con este estudio, se ha demostrado que el hipotálamo, que es una de las zonas más antiguas de nuestro cerebro, en términos evolutivos, juega un papel fundamental en los circuitos de la memoria.

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