Achucarro Internships Programme

Internship Programme

Our research centre is willing to host Master/PhD students interested in developing a scientific career in the field of neurosciences/neurobiology/neuron-glia interactions.

ACHUCARRO personnel, the different research groups can host motivated Master/PhD interns from other institutions, once the interest and relationship has been established between the candidate and his/her desired host group / supervisor.

In all cases, it's mandatory to subscribe an Internship Agreement with the institution (University) where the student is developing the Master/PhD Program. This Agreement must cover all the details of the internship (objective, duration, supervisors, etc.), and always, the student must be covered by an insurance (of the institution, or personal) for the whole duration of the internship in ACHUCARRO.

If you think that you can meet the previous requirements, the best procedure to apply is:

  1. Ensure that your institution is able or willing to sign (or has already signed) an Internship Agreement with ACHUCARRO.
  2. Select your desired host laboratory or group in ACHUCARRO, and contact it's Principal Investigator or Group Leader. For that, it is convenient that you send him or her: (a) a cover message or letter, stating your institution (University) and Master/PhD programme; and (b) your CV or resume with your training, background and expertise.

You can try to apply for an internship at any time along the year, but probably the months of April/May, each year, are the most convenient, so the research groups are defining their summer planning.