Achucarro Seminars

20 Jul [2018]

Time series models to assess spontaneous activity of somatosensory cortex astrocytes

Rubén Armañanzas

George Mason University, Virginia, EEUU

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06 Jul [2018]

The lamarckian brain: How your life experience can impact your brain (and that of your children)

Eva Benito

EMBO - European Molecular Biology Organization, Germany

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22 Jun [2018]

Cellular and Molecular bases of DNA damage response in neurons and its links to neurodegeneration

Miguel Angel Lafarga

Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology at University of Cantabria

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01 Jun [2018]

Prefrontal cortex is involved in the acquisition of instrumental learning tasks

Agnès Gruart i Massó

The Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Cellular Biology at Pablo de Olavide University of Seville

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25 May [2018]

The transcription factor NRF2: a new brain protective strategy in Alzheimer's disease

Antonio Cuadrado

The Department of Biochemistry at Autonomous University of Madrid

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04 May [2018]

Dissecting the cannabinergic control of behavior: The where matters

Edgar Soria

Laboratory of Ultrastructural and Functional Neuroanatomy of the Synapse, Achucarro Basque Center for Neuroscience Fundazioa

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27 Apr [2018]

Autophagy and Neurodegeneration

David Rubinsztein

University of Cambridge (UK)

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20 Apr [2018]

Endosomal trafficking defects and Alzheimer's Disease

Claudia Almeida

Neuronal Trafficking in Aging Campus, Sant'Ana Pólo de Investigação, NOVA Medical School, Lisbon

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12 Apr [2018]

Cannabinoids reshape astrocyte glucose metabolism

Arnau Busquets Garcia

NeuroCentre Magendie, Bordeaux

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